Monday, September 26, 2016

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The past two weeks have been absolutely insane, but that's what happens when you're in the midst of wrapping up two months of travel and settling into a new home, right? Maybe. Who knows. I've been trying to embrace the chaos. 
Sunset in Cincinnati
I rounded out my two months of travel on the mainland with a trip to Cincinnati to see my blog bestie Sarah for her baby shower. Well, turns out, her sweet little angel baby had a serious case of FOMO and decided to actually show up for the shower! More than two months early, but mom and baby are both doing incredibly well. For what it's worth, she is now the second of my friends to go into labor more than a month early, so I guess the bottom line here is if you're pregnant, stay away from me.
Sunrise over Minneapolis from 35,000 feet
After approximately 1 million hours of travel, I landed in Hawaii and turned on my phone to a text from Dane telling me that Judy had horribly injured her leg. My mind immediately began seeing dollar signs and specialty orthopedic surgeons. Thankfully, she had only suffered a bad sprain after getting hit by a wave on the beach, got some medication and we were all on our merry way home.

And speaking of home...We are finally starting to feel like our new house is a home. I swear, the more we move, the more shit I find and think - WHY DO I HAVE THIS? This was our fourth move in four years so I'm really hoping that we stay put here for a good long while :) Photos to come just as soon as I clear out all the boxes and packing material, I promise!

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this little sneak peek I got over the weekend for my new site design. CommuniKait is getting a huge facelift and changing platforms, so I can't wait to share the big reveal coming later this fall!
Whew! I'm exhausted just recapping all of that for you. So let's get down to what I'm loving around the web, shall we?

Forget pricey salons, Kelsey has you covered with how to get a salon style blowout at home!

I'm totally drooling over Anne's photos from her trip to Paris -- take me next time?

This post workout Buddha Bowl is on my to-make list this week!

 Now tell me, how are you? What are you loving lately?


Friday, September 23, 2016

10 Hawaiian Small Businesses I Love

If you know me, you know I love supporting local. Sure, a trip to Target and Nordstrom is awesome and I do it often, but so is strolling into a local boutique or hiring a small business owner to take family photos.

Today, I'm sharing ten of my favorite small businesses in Hawaii that I have support and love. Lucky for all of you -- most of them cater to an audience outside Hawaii as well! So, let's jump right in!

1. Sugarcane Shop. A hidden hem nestled among restaurants and coffee shops in Kaimuki, Sugarcane is one of my favorite boutiques on the island. You can always find Hawaiian-made goods for you, your home or a friend and Jill, the owner, has become a dear friend of mine. Whether you're seeking beautiful new jewelry, a tropical throw pillow or a new Turkish towel -- Sugarcane needs to be your go-to!
2. Fighting Eel. I have to admit - window shopping at this store is my weakness. I don't have very many pieces, but every single time I go by, I walk in and browse. I can't help myself! The clothing in this store is simple, chic and perfect for island life. Their price points are sometimes a bit high, but the quality is ALWAYS high, so a splurge is worth it ;)
3. Cait Schlabach Photography. If you've been around for awhile, you'll notice that I use Cait every single time I need headshots, blog photos or family portraits. She has an incredible eye for capturing moments and memories and her use of color is second to none. I'm lucky to call her one of my good friends on the island! Lucky for all of you, she travels nationwide for shoots AND is offering special packages for holiday shoots. Mention my name when booking! :)
4. Shinn Studio. Christine is the artist behind Shinn Studio, a colorful, island-inspired line of exceptional artwork. I love her use of bright colors and abstract interpretations. She is seriously so talented and I'm looking forward to adding a piece or two from her collection to my home. Specifically, one with dogs on a beach ;)
5. SCHYNE. If you are out and about on Oahu (and likely other islands), you will likely see Amber's hand-lettering. It's so distinctively beautiful that I can almost always spot it on chalkboards, signs and beyond! My favorite calligraphy of hers is located at the ice cream shop in Haleiwa :)

6. Hawaii Doggie Bakery. I'll be honest, Judy & Bill asked me to include this one for them, but I would be lying if I didn't admit their vet-approved treats made me smile, too. I first discovered them at the Made In Hawaii Festival (a great event held every August), but they take orders year-round and can do custom orders/events, too! I cannot say enough good things, so two paws up from us.
7. Jaxsea. If you've been around awhile, I've blogged about these gorgeous kimonos before. They are lightweight, well-made and a must for long days on the beach when your shoulders are just a little TOO sunkisses. They also make great additions to daytime outfits or just lounging around on a lazy Saturday morning.
8. Eldeea. Kennedy is the sweet soul behind this whimsical line of jewelry and each and every time I wear my Eldeea bracelet someone asks "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!" There are so many different designs that every time she posts something new I think..I need that. Her baubles can be found at many local shops, but she ships, too!

9.Wimini Hawaii. I stumbled across this brand by total mistake while I was shopping at another store I love GreenRoom Hawaii. They make THE CUTEST apparel for babies and every time a friend gets pregnant, I want to buy out their inventory. They make apparel for adults, too, but seriously -- the kid's stuff. #swoon I'll be adding one of their super soft tees to my collection ASAP!

10. Lovingly Restored By Laura. You know how when you meet certain people you're like...I think I've met you before? When I met Laura, I felt like I was meeting Joanna Gaines. She is the mastermind behind Lovingly Restored by Laura and I'm pretty convinced you could hand her a pile of dirt and she would transform it into the coolest set of shelves you've ever seen. Her work speaks for itself and her prices are SO affordable!

Have you shopped at any of these places? They are the BEST! If you have a favorite small biz -- I'd love to hear about it!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

2-Ingredient Frozen Pumpkin & Yogurt Dog Treats

Fall is upon us and nothing says fall quite like pumpkins, am I right? If you're me, you eat pumpkin all year long and people look at you like you're half-insane. Maybe I am - who knows. But one thing I know for sure is that dogs go bananas for pumpkin just like I do! #soulmates

And the real added benefit is that its good for them :) 

With fall so close on the horizon, I wanted to share a recipe for easy frozen dog treats for those of us that are still enjoying warmer climates ;)

All you need is:

1 cup pure pumpkin puree
*make sure it's not the pumpkin pie filling!
1 cup plain yogurt (Greek is okay!)

1. Mix pumpkin and yogurt together in a bowl.
2. Portion evenly into jumbo ice cube trays.
3. Freeze for 24 hours.
4. Pop out of the silicone mold and put into a freezer bag, or if you have lots of freezer space, leave them in the tray!
 I will warn all my fellow dog owners that they are slightly messy, so they are best served outdoors! 

I treated my parent's Lab, Millie, to them before I came back to Hawaii and she gives them two paws up..and so do the Hanson Labs :)

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