Tuesday, August 4, 2015

10 Facts About Living In Hawaii

I have gotten a serious influx of e-mails and messages recently about people moving to Hawaii -- you won't regret it! -- and I figured that while I'm sending them each personalized e-mails back, I should share some of my favorite tips, things I wish I would have known and helpful hints to make your life easier.

1. Always do the price adjustment for items at Target. The online price is usually around $20 cheaper, so for larger home items this is the way to go!

2. Save money by opting out of cable. Every show you "normally" watch will be spoiled by the time you actually get to see it, because everyone on the mainland will tweet, text and post about it before you are even home from work. We stream our favorites online and leave the entertainment to Netflix and Redbox.

3. Shop in bulk at Costco for things you will always need like paper products, personal hygiene and meat (if you eat it!). More tips on that here

4. Understand that life moves at a slower pace here -- make adjustments accordingly. Traffic and shipping times ate at me when I initially moved here -- WHY ARE PEOPLE SO SLOW?! I've grown to love and accept aloha time.

5.  808 is the area code for the entire state, so it encompasses every island. This really isn't something you NEED to know, but when you see stores repping 808 in their logo, you'll appreciate the Hawaiian pride they are showing :)

6. Hawaii doesn't participate in Daylight Savings Time, so you'll never need to adjust your watch and clocks!

7. It's the SHAKA, not the..ahem...shocker.

8. Rust is real. I'm a huge fan of metal frames, so when we moved here, I happily went about putting them all over our walls and shelves. Then one year later, I couldn't figure out why the "tarnish" wasn't going away. It wasn't tarnish -- it was rust. And it will invade every metal object exposed to the open ocean air.

9. Your GPS from the mainland might not recognize all the roads here. Don't let it stress you out -- some of the best adventures I've gone on were because we got lost!

10. And finally, embrace the culture here. Hawaii has some of the most interesting historic stories and cultural background I've ever encountered. Not to mention all the delicious local food!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Essential Oils Saved My Saturday...And I Need To Know More

I know what you're thinking, but before you "X" out of this .. hear me out.

I have been a chronic sufferer of migraines all my life and any sort of stress or anxiety only heightens my experiences. What starts as 2-3 per month escalates to around 5. Long story short, it's been a real pain party over here...

Saturday morning I woke up with the migraine from HELL. I opened my eyes around 2AM and felt the notorious tightening in the back of my neck (the first sign of them for me), so I immediately got up, took my MAXALT and tried to go back to sleep. Around 7AM I woke up and the tightening had progressed to the back on my entire head and was creeping toward my temples. I knew I was doomed. I took three ibuprofen and put a cold wash cloth on my forehead and laid in my pitch black room. Nothing. I ate a crunchy bowl of cereal. Nothing. I put ice on the roof of my mouth. Nothing. I squeezed pressure points in my hands and feet. Nothing. At this point, I was nine hours in with no relief in sight. 

Then, I remembered the tiny bottles of peppermint and frankincense oils in my nightstand that an old neighbor had passed along to me. You can re-read my first experience with them here. I felt stupid for waiting so long to remember this tiny detail, whipped out those oils and slathered them on the roof of my mouth, all over my temples and on the bottoms of my feet. I laid silently in my dark bedroom with my eyes shut for an hour and I'll be damned...the migraine that Satan sent was gone.

I'm going to be honest -- MLM companies don't usually appeal to me, but I'm now 2 for 2 on the essential oil miracle and I need to know more. If you've ever used oils, tell me about your experience. What was wrong? What did you use? And how did you like it? Did it work?

As you can see, my questions are endless. BUT NOW I AM A BELIEVER.

**If you were wondering, I was able to get up, shower and attend the 4PM baptismal mass for my God son. See? Oils really did save me, him and the day itself.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Chronic Resting Bitch Face & Other Life Trials

How is it the last Friday in July? This month seemed to bypass me in the worst way possible -- I don't know where the time went and I'm wondering what I did all month. Before we kick off this weekend, let's get down to business...

That's right.. It's time for 5 on Friday!
1. Has anyone else become obsessed with Tonkey the dog? Blame internet sensationalism, but I'm a huge fan of celebrity dogs. And because Tonkey and I are now Instagram friends, we're practically BFFs. In other words, he's probably on a flight to visit me in Hawaii now.

2.  And while we are on the subject of dogs, #judyhanson has been a total itch monster recently. I don't know if it's the extra hot temperatures we've been experiencing here OR WHAT, but her itching is just downright pathetic at this point. Homegirl has serious allergies and we've been contemplating trying DinoVite to relieve her a little bit (shots, pills, steroids---it's not working). The real meaning behind this short saga is -- has anyone tried this slightly odd method to treat dog itching? Let me know!

3. What does one do for storage space in tiny half baths? This question has plagued me for years. I have looked from here to the inter-workings of Pinterest hell to find the answer and none of it is cutting it. I am calling all creatives, because I just need something other than this...
4. Someone please tell me I'm not alone when it comes to chronic RBF. You know what I mean -- Resting Bitch Face. It seems I just can't stop when it comes to this and I need some 1. reassurance I'm not alone or 2. tips to improve. I'm all ears.

 5. Now that we've asked the important things today like the meaning of life bathroom organization and dog itching, I need to tell you all something very important. It's about my girl crush on Robin Wright. Of course I love her on House of Cards (Claire Underwood is my spirit animal), but she is such a boss woman in so many other things (Forrest Gump, Princess Bride..hello!?). I love her style, grace and wit. But enough about that, and more about this:
Have a fantastic weekend, friends!

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