Wednesday, April 1, 2015

'Round Here...

Does anyone remember that Counting Crows song ^?

I decided to take the weekend to finally dump all the photos from my phone onto my computer. Is anyone else a photo hoarder? I hate myself for being that way, because it takes up so much room on my Dinosaur iPhone, but I can't help it! I want photos of Judy as a baby, our wedding, beautiful beaches and my parents' trip here. Can you hate me for wanting to reminisce when I need to kill time in a place with no wifi?*
*Note: I find myself in this position more frequently than I care to admit. What's the deal with your wifi situation Hawaii?

The point of that rambling is that I found photos I completely forgot I even took, so I'm sharing them now. You're welcome in advance for this completely random assortment of snaps from my daily and less-thrilling-than-I-make-it-seem-on-Instagram life. Speaking of Instagram, go follow me there! ;)
These two. All the heart eye emojis.

This is pretty much our life in Hawaii. Dogs, friends, drinks and spoils of snacks.

I know this is the rainbow state and all, but seeing rainbows always makes me want to stop the car and snap photos.

My sweet friend Moe had this tank top made from a photo of Judy just because she knew I needed some cheer. Isn't it the sweetest thing ever? Judy loves it, too!

We attended Dane's cousin's wedding in Orlando last fall and got this photo just the other week. We had such a fun time with family and the bride just looked absolutely stunning!

Here's a really weird fact for you: I am obsessed with pumpkin pie. I make and eat it all year round.

Judy loves hiking, but I've been a lazy dog parent and not gone in a long time. Hopefully we can head out on an adventure soon!

Have you had this kale salad from Costco? I'm obsessed with the poppyseed dressing.
This is the second centipede I've seen since we moved to Hawaii and it was in my mother loving kitchen. If I could have set it on fire, I would have. The first one bit me and latched onto my foot with it's pinscers so tight my baby toe swelled up for a week. Hawaii is lovely and all, but the bugs are out of control.

A cute little alleyway lined with surfboards.

This bench is honor of the late Lt. Michael Murphy, who was a PSU graduate, Navy SEAL and killed in Afghanistan.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The 4x4!

I have been meaning to participate in Alex's 4x4 Roundup ever since she started it, but I never remembered to do it! Thanks to a special tweet reminder yesterday--here I am! It's such a fun way to send the month out--it goes like this:

4 favorite blog posts
4 favorite Instagram posts
4 favorite Pinterest pins
4 favorite friend's posts
All posted and linked up on the last weekday of every month

So let's get this party started, shall we?!

In the month of March:

4 Favorite Blog Posts

A totally easy and simple Gnocchi recipe!

A list of all the things I'm proud of--people seemed to comment the most on this post!

And finally, a little real talk on asking for help.

4 Favorite Instagram Posts
Pretty right? Make sure you're following me ;)
 4 Favorite Pinterest Pins

4 Favorite Friend's Posts

A Life Without Social Media from The Samantha Show 
10,000 Push Up Challenge from Total Basset Case 
Mexican Quinoa Bowls from Anne In Residence
Hitting Reset on Mondays from Handling with Grace 

Thanks for stopping by today! And if you haven't blogged yet, there's still time to link up over at Alex's blog--this post was really fun, so obviously, I highly recommend it ;)

Happy Tuesday! 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Happiness

Do you ever have those weekends you don't want to end and that can't end soon enough? Does that even make sense? Of course, I love my weekends more than anyone else, but my bestie is coming into town this week and I am so excited to have her. She's bringing her boyfriend, too, which is an added treat! Hiking, beaches and food trucks...OH MY!

But back to our weekend, right? We spent a lazy three day weekend snuggled on our couch watching movies (a movie review of all our recent favorites coming soon!), exploring some new beaches and cooking up pulled pork and doing a little bit of shopping!

I snagged the cutest new jean shorts from J.Crew along with a pair of boyfriend jeans I've been coveting for months. I rarely pay full price for anything, but when you see a staple, sometimes you just have to buy it, right? Right.
Voila! C'est JEAN SHORTS!
Now, the pictures I'm sure you're more interested in if you're sitting in a pile of snow right now...

Links I'm Loving
I love when brands have a sense of humor. When Groupon posted what appeared to be an...ahem..sexual toy--people went nuts with the jokes. Thankfully their social media team was ALL OVER IT! This is such a great read.

I love whimsical decorations for the house and I'm currently lusting over these mats. Aren't they the cutest?!

If you're a #newsjunkie like I am, Amanda Knox's overturned murder conviction by the Italian courts over the weekend was a huge story. I've been following the case for years and I hope she gets to live a normal life from here on out.

And speaking of court cases, Dane and I got sucked into a Lifetime movie about Jodi Arias. I don't know where I was when her psycho self was making headlines, but let me tell you, she really takes the crazy cake.

What did you do this weekend? Share your favorite links with me!

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