Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Impossibles Pizza | O'ahu

If you find yourself traveling to my side of the island, there are a couple things I'm going to tell you to do. Among them is eat at a food truck. After a long day at the beach, it's one of our favorite things to do and I can honestly say I think we've hit every single one from here all the way up past La'ie, which is saying a lot. We like to eat, people! One that we hadn't yet tried was Impossibles Pizza, mostly because it's never quite in the same spot. Our good friends raved about this truck, so we knew that the next time we saw Micah, we had to get some of his pizza.

Friends, you MUST try it. $20 gets you 20 inches of absolute heaven. And while you're at it, spring for the $2 worth of homemade ranch -- it's like nothing you have ever tasted before. We are definitely adding this to our list of must eats here on O'ahu :)

We also happened to be the first people in line on this day, so you can see Micah putting up his signs!

We ended up with pepperoni, basil, peppers and Maui onion -- it was amazing! So good, in fact, that the entire thing was gone before we even got home!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

15 Easy Ways to Pay It Forward

A couple weeks ago when we were spending time with my parents, they reminded me of an initiative I started two years ago called RACKS, or Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. Ultimately, it ended up being a movement that I wanted to gift to someone who had always inspired me to dream bigger and give more. It was a great success and inspired me to continue a lifetime of paying it forward.

I think too often we associate acts of kindness with money, and while it's great to be able to pay off someone's layaway order at the holidays, simple acts each day (that are cheap or free!) are great, too.

1. Hold the door for someone.
2. Volunteer your time to charity.
3. Donate old clothes and household items.
4. Let someone go ahead of you in the checkout line.
5. Park further away in the parking lot, so someone who needs a space close to the store can have it.
6. Invite a friend over for a home-cooked breakfast.
7. Take hotel shampoos & soaps and give them to the homeless or a shelter.
8. Buy someone a coffee.
9. Pay your cashier a compliment.
10. Donate books to a school library.
11. Give away coupons you won't be using or post them on a community bulletin board.
12. Offer to snap a photo for a family trying to maneuver a selfie.
13. Write a good review online for a business who impressed you.
14. Donate your skills or time pro bono for a project that needs it.
15. Offer your mailman or woman a cold drink on a hot day or a warm drink on a cold day. 

How do you pay it forward or make a difference?

Monday, October 5, 2015

How My Dog Saved My Life

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I don't know about you, but whenever I see a news story involving an animal pop up on Facebook or Twitter -- I automatically click. I'm such a sucker for inspiring or uplifting stories about pets. I also love any opportunity to help rescue dogs and find them happy homes. Hi, I'm Kait and I'm a crazy dog lady. 

If you've been reading here for awhile, you've met my beautiful dog, Judy, but if not...

Dane and I have known for a very long time how special Judy is. From the time we got her, she has had a sweet demeanor and spunky personality. For anyone reading that has met Judy in real life, you know her goofy tendencies. She's just a fun-loving, happy dog. 
 Before we even got a dog, we knew that we wanted to enroll him or her in a therapy dog program to help wounded warriors at the local hospital. Judy took to training immediately -- listening to commands and acting accordingly. She was a dream come true to train - honestly! 

Around the time Judy was entering her second year of training, we hit a setback. I was sexually assaulted and I watched as life fell apart around me. We moved and I fell into a life filled with depression and constant anxiety. I failed to maintain friendships, my job and, ultimately, my happiness. I knew I needed to ask for help and when I summoned the courage to do it, I was diagnosed with PTSD.
Through this whole ordeal, Judy was my ray of sunshine -- always happy to see me, never leaving my side and periodically forcing me off the couch to go outside.

So many people always tell me, "it's so nice that your dog is helping people" and while I usually nod, I can't help but want to yell "She's the one who helps me!". Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that Judy is the one who would save me.

Before all of this, I had strong beliefs about helping dogs, but now I am even more passionate. Animals have such a soothing nature to them and I can't imagine what my life would be like without Judy. I was so excited when I found out that PEDIGREE® will donate a bowl of food to a dog in need for the entire month of October anytime a PEDIGREE® product is purchased at Sam's Club. How awesome is that?
Because of Judy's allergies, she has to eat medicated dog food, but we headed out to Sam's Club anyhow and snagged a 55-pound bag of PEDIGREE® Adult Dry Dog Food and dropped it off at a local shelter on our way home. PEDIGREE® DENTASTIX® happen to be a fan favorite at our house, so we grabbed a box of those, too. You can never have enough treats, right?!

Knowing we were helping to feed hungry pets made us both so happy!

Can't make it to Sam's Club? No worries! You can upload a photo of the dog you love to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #LaterShelter for a chance to be featured on The PEDIGREE® brand will donate a bowl of food for every upload.
Are you an animal lover? Be sure to check out more heartfelt stories here
I'd love to hear about your favorite pet!

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