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I need to practice taking selfies

let's get one thing straight..I'm getting married in 26 days #holyshit (that reminds me, I must go obsessively check our registries...)

Our weekend was pretty relaxed and I am oh-so-grateful for that. We spent a lot of time relaxing at home, running last minute errands and enjoying quality beach time.

Friday we went out to dinner with some friends and you know those days where you are having an exceptionally good hair day? well I was, so it obviously needed documented. 17...yes...17 selfie attempts later, I finally got one worth posting. It really makes me wonder how often it takes perfect selfie takers to get one they like (eeek!) Everyone--tell me your secrets.

we enjoyed an amazing Italian feast with our Hawaii "family"
please just disregard my awkward leg pose...I don't know what I was doing
Saturday I woke up early to take Judy to the dog beach and Dane went golfing. I'd love to sit here and tell you that my dog was a perfect angel, except she was the total opposite. She refused to chase her water toy, kept gnawing at her leash (leashes only here in Hawaii) and pulled me to my knees into the sand. When I finally got her back in the car, I was adamant about finding her a harness, so we stopped at Petco on the way home. My devil lovely and beautiful dog slipped her collar, ran like a wild dingo around Petco and circled the bird cages until finally an employee caught her. Yes, we really enjoy our weekends around here and no, we did not get the harness.

Feeling really awful about her shenanigans..not
Sunday was filled with early morning snorkeling and relaxing around the house.

sorry the spacing here is incredibly awkward, but the panoramic photo makes up for it, right? Thanks Blogger
Dane and I made it to the store to get the wild dingo Judy her harness and so far, so good! I'll have to keep everyone updated, but I would HIGHLY recommend one for large breed dogs who are strong or prone to pulling.

How was your weekend? 

this week, what I'm loving & merry christmas in july

man, for as many times this week as I stopped and said "what day is it again..?", I kind of feel like it flew by. here we are and it's friday.
This week via Instagram, we had a naughty puppy
One day she will learn to stay off the countertops, but probably not anytime soon when this is the kind of food up there just taunting her...

And mid-week, Dane and I celebrated exactly ONE MONTH until our wedding. We're not panicking. In fact, we've got a little bit of the "at this point, whatever happens, happens" mentality going. It's a nice break from the "OMG! LET ME BREAK MY BACK TRYING TO MAKING EVERYTHING PERFECT" mentality.
And in the spirit of trying to end the week on a high note, I actually dressed myself in real clothes on Thursday and went about my day. It was a very weird feeling, but I really felt like I had my shit together which should count for something, right?
I'd be remiss not to mention a couple of the things I'm loving this week around blog land, right? #sharethelove

Sarah's post on becoming sugar free speaks to my heart (and my waistline) and I'm totally lusting over this bag from Shanna's post.

How was your week? What are you loving...besides the fact that it's FRIDAY and today marks christmas in July?
(and yes if you're wondering, I've already started listening to christmas music. c'mon now!)

Why The 21 Day Fix Was Not For Me

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 6 months, you've heard of Beach Body's 21 Day Fix. Who DOESN'T want "fixed" in 21 days(ugh, I hate this name...more on that later)?! Like the rest of you, I was hooked by the ease of what the program seemed. And believe me, it IS easy if you've got the willpower of a padlocked steel door. Before starting, I researched a little bit, but like most other things...I dove right in. I found a few nay-sayers, but the majority was overwhelmingly positive. The 21 Day Fix works for lots of people, but it just wasn't for me...and here's why.

Not even remotely related, but posts need photos right?
1. Food allergies.  A huge part of Beach Body lovers tout Shakeology. And once upon a time, I did too! Until I started getting sick almost every time I drank it. You see, Beach Body tells you that Shakeology is gluten free, but what most people don't know is it's not manufactured in a gluten free plant and Beach Body does not feel confident in certifying their products gluten free. They talk about it here on their website. In short, this means "be really wary, because there aren't gluten ingredients, but we have no idea what the hell else might be mixed in there." For me, this was a large deal breaker. I can't drink yo drank, Beach Body.

2. Portion control. I am the first person to tell you that portion control and working out is the name of the weight-loss game, but my issue lies in something a little bit greater here. If I want to have something that not on my "safe food" list, by God I'm going to eat it. And it shouldn't be called cheating, it should be called eating. Typically when you eat something that is less healthy, there is plenty of time to make smarter/healthier food choices for the rest of the day. You see how I phrased that--less healthy...not bad, cheating or any of the other condescending bullshit it is sometimes associated with.

And that brings me to #3...

3. 21 Days is just what they call it--a fix. To maintain a healthy weight and mentality, you need to make a lifestyle change. I don't like the idea that the name deceives you a little bit here. Come on Beach Body, you know that people are looking for long-term---why the hell else is Insanity 2 months long?! But really, of course you're going to see results in a rigorous 21 day program (umm, how else do you think Biggest Loser contestants lose weight?). But the trick is maintaining, and that's a lifetime's worth of 21 day increments.

4. I wake up at 3AM and my day ends at 9PM, so I was feeling hungry when I shouldn't have been, though I fully admit this has everything to do with my schedule and nothing to do with the program.

5. I will never not eat LUNA bars and by day 6 I was seriously considering whether or not I could fill my fruit container with wine. Also, we go out to eat once a week so I really struggled with that.

In the end, I lost 7 inches overall and .5 pounds. I truly believe that this is because my diet already consists of all the foods they recommend and I work out twice a day (Insanity and then a core workout from Kayla Itsines or GlistenFit). In fact, I actually noticed better results the week I gave up sugar.

When it comes down to fitness and eating, it's all about what works for you.

So tell me, what is your go-to for staying in shape?