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do you want to build a snowman?

I sincerely hope you now have that song stuck in your head. And, if you still haven't seen Frozen, here you go. You're Welcome.

Because Easter is coming up and Dane and I have no kids, it was only fair that as soon as I felt compelled to create a Frozen-themed Easter basket, I followed my impulses. Thankfully we are hosting a brunch with friends on Sunday and one of those friends happens to have a Frozen-obsessed daughter. Sounds like a winning combo to me!

Since there's no possible way I'm the only Frozen addict, I knew I needed to share this with all of you in plenty of time to create one for your favorite little kids!

I purchased everything in this basket for less than $20 if you can believe it. I found the sparkly Easter grass, basket and blue-themed eggs at Target in their Easter aisle.

The Reese's pieces shaped carrots were a Wal-Mart find for $1/each! I was pretty excited about that.
I bought jelly beans to fill the plastic eggs, secured a chocolate bunny and topped off the basket with a blue bubble wand and book--because I'm sure the last thing my friend wants is her kid hopped up on sugar thanks to Dane and me.
If you're interested in using these same tags I did, you can download them here!

I love how everything turned out and I am so excited to hand it off on Easter Sunday!
What are your Easter plans?

Puppy Love?

There is nothing that disturbs me more than people who get dogs, only to wind up giving them away because they realize they can't afford them or don't have enough time for them. It just plain makes me mad.
Although having a new puppy in your home can bring a lot of joy to your life, having a puppy is not all fun and games all the time

There is a lot of work that must go into raising a puppy, from training your new pup to giving it the appropriate time, attention and care. It is important that you understand what you are getting yourself into before heading to the Humane Society or breeder to bring home a cute little fur ball. Ask yourself the following six questions to determine if you are ready to get a puppy.

1 – Do you have the time and energy required to take care of a puppy?
Being a dog owner can be very rewarding, but you have to have the time and energy required to meet his needs. If you are single and you work 18 hours a day, you may not have the time and energy necessary to be a dog owner at this time.

2 – What type of dog can conform to your lifestyle and your surroundings?
If you live in a tiny studio apartment, you should probably plan on getting a puppy that will stay small throughout its life. Large dogs need a lot of space to run around and get their energy out. Some breeds of dogs require more attention and free space than others. The climate and weather where you live may also play a significant role in the type of dog you can have. Do your research to determine what type of dog can best conform to your lifestyle and surroundings.

3 – Will you have time to take your dog for walks?
Some dogs require more exercise than others but almost all dogs need to get out and go on walks at some point. If you really want a puppy but you are not able to be home very often to take him on walks, consider investing in a dog walker.

4 – Do you know how to house train a dog?
Brand new puppies need some time and a lot of training before they are pleasant to have around the house. If you do not want to deal with having your things chewed up or finding little puddles around the house and you do not have the time or money to train your dog, you may want to consider an older dog that is already housebroken.

6 – Can you afford the right food and dog supplies?
Even if you receive a puppy for free or for a really great price, be prepared to put a lot of money into raising your dog throughout his life. Not only will your dog need dog food, but he will need dog bowls, a collar, a leash, bedding, toys, and doctor’s visits. You may also choose to invest in other items for your dog such as a bark collar or electric fence that will allow you to control your dog better. Make sure that you are able to set aside money for these expenses and others that come up throughout your dog’s life.

Once you have decided that you want a new puppy and that you are able to handle the responsibility that comes with taking care of them, relax and enjoy your new furry friend. As the saying goes, there is not better friend than a dog :)

tissue paper flowers make my heart go boom-boom

Last week I posted on Instagram that I wanted to quit my day job and make paper flowers with Judy all day. I still kind of do, because these little paper puffs make my heart so happy. I know, I know, it's Wedding Wednesday, but because every bride loves a little DIY (am I right?), I figured I could sub in this quick tutorial today.

As I was prepping for a friend's baby shower, I decided these giant tissue paper flowers would really add a little oomph to the decor. Problem is, I wasn't prepared to pay for them when I knew darn well you could make them pretty easily! A little You-Tube and Google later, I have arrived at the best possible solution--97 cents per flower.

You Will Need:
6 sheets of the same color tissue paper, per flower
**as luck would have it, this is typically how many pieces are in one package
1 two inch piece of twine/string, per flower

Step 1:
Lay the tissue paper sheets out flat on the ground.
Step 2:
Begin folding the paper accordion-style in about 1 inch sections. Be sure to flip it over after every fold, so that it is truly like an accordion :)
 Step 3:
Have your assistant check to make sure things are progressing correctly.
Step 4:
Tie your twine/string in the center of the folded paper. This doesn't have to be perfect, just tight.
Step 5:
Fold the paper bundle in half and crease along twine/string line.
Step 6:
Cut off the corners on the non-folded edge to create your rounded edges AKA petals. The more you cut off, the smaller your flower will turn out.
Step 7:
The fun part! Carefully begin pulling each sheet of tissue paper out from one another. Slowly, your flower will begin to take shape. Fluff as necessary and voila! :)