Friday, April 24, 2015

A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

Okay so the title is a bit deceiving, because there's only one coconut on tap for today's post. Ever since we've had Judy, she has been obsessed with coconuts we find laying on the beach, at the park..or anywhere, really. She is not biased when it comes to her 'nuts, so when she found an abandoned one last week on the beach we were exploring, she was ECSTATIC.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I don't understand why...

<insert fun little intro here>

^ I don't have time for that, because I'm a woman on a mission and that is to simply get answers from any of you who might have them, kapeesh?

I don't understand... my sheets get so tangled up in the washing machine and dryer.

...why people cross the street right beside a crosswalk, but not in it. It's right freaking there! to pencil my eyebrows in. I always look so overdone!

...why my dog is suddenly unable to go outside unless I go with her. See you later, free hour where she's not velcroed to my side.

...why Photoshop has to be so daggone expensive. And no, I do not want to rent it! to contour my face. Has anyone gotten a contour kit they love? 

...why some people don't write thank you notes. It's rude! it's already been 8 months since our wedding!
...why people refer to their children in months. "Oh, my baby is 12 months old!" No, your child is 1. From now on I'm going to tell people I'm 312 months old and see how they react. I've gone this far in my life without being more obsessive over different braided hairstyles.
A messy side french braid I attempted last week after the gym!
Okay, so tell me everything, friends! It's clear I'm in need of some assistance today :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

DIY Sparkly Ducks

When I find things on Pinterest that seem like an easy enough craft, I jump ALL in. Thankfully, Dane understands this and keeps a large amount of patience in his back pocket when he comes home and there is glitter spray paint all over our garage.

This is me:

In any case, I'm helping a friend host a baby shower in a couple weeks and wanted to take the traditional "rubber ducky" to a whole 'nother level.

You Will Need:
plain rubber ducks (as many as you want!)
gold spray paint
glitter spray paint


adhesive spray
loose gold glitter

*I will give full disclosure that these ducks would be MUCH CUTER with the second option, but finding loose gold glitter proved to be more difficult than expected. Hawaii has ONE craft store and it's not a Michael's. Believe me, I KNOW...


Step 1: Arrange ducks on an old Victoria's Secret catalog, so you don't get your garage floor messy.

Step 2: Spray the ducks with the plain gold metallic spray paint.

Step 3: Let the ducks dry overnight. Spray with glitter spray!

 I wanted my ducks to be more glittery, so I waited another day and sprayed them with more glitter!

And while they are definitely very shimmery, I wanted the cool hard glitter look, which is why I recommend buying spray adhesive and sprinkling them with loose glitter! In any case, I think they turned out pretty well and I'm excited to use them at my friend's shower :)

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