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judy gives back--and you can too with Pedigree dog food!

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Happy October!
It's no surprise to anyone who reads here on a fairly consistent basis, or follows me on any of my social channels, I'm pretty obsessed with my dog. A self proclaimed crazy dog lady, the real truth is that I love all dogs and animals. It's a running joke in my family that I will ask to pet any animal within arm's reach if give the opportunity. Ha! My family is so funny, but it's true..
That's Just herself up there and she's licking her lips, because she's hungry ALL THE TIME! And doggone it, she gets some of the tastiest treats around--heck, the lady at the coffee shop even gives her bagels with cheese! But unfortunately, there are dogs out there who aren't as fortunate. It breaks our hearts, but hopefully by spreading the word about Pedigree's newest initiative, we can help more dogs in need!

October is Pet Adopt Month and Pedigree is helping to feed shelter dogs by donating one bowl of dog food for every Pedigree dog product purchased at Sam's Club in October. 
If Judy could have tagged along to Sam's, she most certainly would have been riding shotgun in the shopping cart ;)

Well, you know for certain I was first in line to get our bag at Sam's Club so that a trusty shelter pup could get their grub on! 

We even snagged an extra bag of Pedigree dog food to drop off at our own shelter.
Not only is Judy getting a nutritious meal out of this gig, but she's also helping her fellow fur-mates in need--I can't see a better deal quite honestly!  
How will you give back this October?  

all about that breakfast [recipes]

Three fix it fast microwave breakfast recipes to fuel your day

For all too many households, the morning meal consists of a tornado of culinary chaos where the clanging of spoons in sugar-laced cereal bowls signals the start and end to fueling the furnace for the first part of the day.
Healthy, balanced and nutritious power breakfasts have been replaced with cleverly marketed counterfeits, to the extent that for some hapless souls, the idea of incorporating more fruit into their diet involves toasting a pop tart for a minute before bolting off to work, coffee thermos at the ready and their hearts’ worst nightmare slowly filtering through their bloodstream.
For the time-starved family on the go looking to nourish their bodies and not simply feed them, the day’s most important meal combined with the least amount of time in which to prepare it is all too often an unsolvable dilemma – until now.
Ditch the processed cereals and try some of these simple, fast and mouth-wateringly delectable microwave oven breakfast recipes instead.

Pin-pricked Poached Eggs and Salmon
 Sumptuousness on a plate in under six minutes
Ingredients: 1 large egg, 1/8 teaspoon white vinegar, 1/3 cup water, salt and pepper, a few slices of smoked salmon, whole wheat bread.
Putting it together – Grab a 6 ounce custard cup and add the water and vinegar. Break the egg into the cup and pierce it with a toothpick then simply cover the cup loosely with some plastic wrap. Place it in the microwave and cook for around 1 minute (depending on how hard or soft you like your yolk).
Toast some whole wheat bread, butter it lightly and place a few strips of smoked salmon on top
Ping! – Using a slotted spoon, remove the egg from the cup and place it on your salmon toast. Add some salt and pepper to taste and enjoy with a fresh cup of Joe.

The good morning oatmeal bowl
All the nutrition your body needs in less than 10 minutes
Ingredients: 1/2 cup rolled oats, 1 cup water, 1/2 cup natural muesli, 2 -3 tablespoons raisins, cranberries or blueberries, and 1-2 tablespoons of honey.
Putting it together – Throw the oats and water into a deep microwaveable bowl and zap it on high for between 3-5 minutes.
Ping! – Remove the bowl from the microwave, stir in the muesli and your choice of raisins, cranberries or blueberries. Add the honey and enjoy.

Get up and go breakfast wrap
Whole-hearted healthy yumminess wrapped up and ready to go in 10 minutes flat
Ingredients: 2 (10 inch) flour tortillas, 1 cup cottage cheese, 1 cup chopped fresh pineapple, ½ cup granola cereal, 2 tablespoons brown sugar, and finally 2 bananas, sliced lengthwise.
Putting it together – Pop the tortillas into the microwave oven and heat them on high for between 10-15 seconds (just until they are toasty, warm and pliable).
Ping! - Spread each tortilla with cottage cheese, add the pineapple, shower some granola and brown sugar over that and top it all off with the sliced banana. Fold down the tops and bottoms of the tortillas, roll them tightly into that unmistakable tortilla cylinder of flavor, slice them in half and get that goodness into you.
Breakfast doesn’t need to be the one meal in the day you don’t have time to eat. With just a little preparation and a good quality microwave oven, your mornings could be something you actually look forward to waking up to.
Check more Breakfast and Brunch ideas on Fisher & Paykel “Our Kitchen” website.

this & that

Happy Tuesday!

Sometimes I feel like the weeks go by SO SLOWLY and then the weekends are done in a zip. It's just not fair. Raise your hand if you'd like for the weekend and the week to switch places. Two days of work and five days off--THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
This photo was taken in Costa Rica and, admittedly, has nothing to do with this post. Enjoy.

Saturday night Dane and I had the distinct pleasure of meeting our friends Moe and Travis for dinner at their beautiful new beach cottage. I'm not kidding you friends, their house is what Hawaiian dreams are made of. Not to mention, Moe cooked up some delicious pumpkin stuffed shells & caprese salad for snacking. We are so lucky to have found such great friends on this island. Also, side note, please check out Moe's Instagram feed--you will not be disappointed, I promise. The beauty to overwhelming.

Our dinner party could not have come at a better time, quite honestly. Saturday afternoon as I was returning a book to the local library, I had a bit of a startling encounter. As I was opening my car door, a woman whipped her car in and gave me the finger. I was so shocked--I hadn't done anything wrong...? So, wanting to make sure everything was okay, I waited for the woman outside her car so she could get out.
What transpired next still makes me angry.

Me: "Ma'm, I am so sorry, but I didn't see your car anywhere near that space as I was opening my car door."

Her: "Go the fuck back to the mainland where you white people belong."

And as she was walking away, she also made mention about military wives, but I couldn't quite make it out.

I was SO MAD, I immediately got into my car and drove home. I told Dane about what had happened and he was just as upset as I was. Now, this isn't the first time we've experienced racism since living in Hawaii and I'm sure it won't be the last. It's just upsetting that it even happens to begin with, ya know?

Have you ever experienced racism? Is this something that would have startled you? How would you have reacted?

^ it's clear I'm still 100% bothered by this, and I'd love to hear your thoughts.